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The Wonders of the Kaneʻohe Bay Sandbar

Considered to be the world's largest saltwater sandbar, the Kaneʻohe Bay Sandbar is a three-acre, mile-long white sand island only accessible at low tide. Sitting in the middle of Kaneʻohe Bay, Hawai’i's only barrier-reef protected inlet, the sandbar is a thalassophile's delight. Green sea turtles, rays, and reef fish are just some of the wide variety of marine wildlife that visitors can expect to see at the sandbar during a relaxing day out on the warm ocean waters.

Once your private boat arrives on the Kaneʻohe Bay Sandbar, you will enjoy everything from swimming with Hawai’i's honu (green sea turtles) and discovering a thriving barrier reef to stand-up paddleboarding the tranquil bay waters and basking in the sun on the sandbar.

Always remember to keep your distance and respect our marine life; Hawaii's honu, along with several other marine wildlife, are a protected species.

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