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A Blue Ocean Experience

Captain Bruce has become a celebrity name in the maritime industry. 

With over 35 years of ocean experience and growing up in Oahu, Captain Bruce employs only the best captains that know the waters of Oahu and where to find the best blue ocean experience.



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Sunset Charter

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Private Charter by CAPTAIN BRUCE

Private Charter Whale watching Charter

Oahu is visited every winter by Humpback whales migrating to the warmer waters. Typically, they start around January, but this year we have already had early visits by one of the ocean’s largest creatures.

With charters out of Waikiki and Ko Olina 3 times a day, Captain Bruce is providing a front row show for private groups up to 12 people, to Oahu’s winter wonderland, the Pacific Ocean. Aboard you will have the opportunity to see and experience the whales in their natural habitat, we’ve even had some guests get sprayed during a whale’s aerial flip!

Our in-house chef, Mickey Sugawara, the 5 year, former executive chef at Chef Mavro, will provide a warm meal and our captain and crew will make sure all your needs (and wishes) are taken care of.