Setting sail to the Sandbar!

Take a boat from He‘eia Kea Harbor on the east coast of Oahu, to the Sandbar in Kaneʻohe Bay.

Savor a relaxing cruise while admiring the stunning Koolau Mountains, which have been seen in famous Hollywood movies like Jurassic Park.

After cruising for about 10-15 minutes, you’ll be able to see the breathtaking view of the shallow waters and one of the best coral reefs in the United States.

Soon, you'll arrive at Captain Bruce's activity point. Soak in the breathtaking 360-degree panorama, ready for a day of adventure in this paradise!

Arrival at the Sandbar

When we arrive at the sandbar, drop anchor from the boat at the shallowest possible depth.

The view from the shallow waters, which are located away from the shore, is a surreal experience and is truly heavely sea.

The sandbar has varying water levels depending on the season and tides. Sometimes the sandy land is completely exposed, while at other times it becomes a shallow area, displaying different beauty every day.


Our snorkeling spot is home to over 50 species of fish, including Hawaii’s endemic species.

Let's start from shallow waters

Our snorkeling tour is designed for the biginners.

One of the features of Captain Bruce’s tour is that we start from a place where you can stand, so you can walk to the snorkeling point which is a great feature. This gives you a chance to try snorkeling before heading to the deeper waters.

Our snorkel start from shallow area

If you’re not confident in snorkeling, our staff will check if you’re wearing your snorkel and mask correctly. Our crew will also oversee our guests for safety.

Snorkeling Gear

Snorkeling Gear

We select snorkeling gear including life jackets, with a focus on safety and comfort for our guests. Of course, they are free to use.

Kaneʻohe Bay is a habitat for green sea turtles

Since sea turtlesare wild animals, it cannot be guaranteed that you will see them 100% of the time, but the probability of encountering them is very high.

Green sea turtles, known as Honu in Hawaiian, which are considered guardian deities and symbols of good luck in Hawaii, are said to make wishes come true if you encounter them.

In Hawaii, sea turtles are protected and cherished. Do not chase or touch them.

You may notice that sea turtles are nearby, but let’s watch them from a distance without startling them.

Relax and enjoy the Hawaii waters

Captain Bruce’s Sandbar Tour is for everyone, from infants to seniors, to enjoy. Kaneʻohe Bay, surrounded by reefs, has calm waves, so even if you don’t snorkel, you can relax around the boat and enjoy the beauty of Oahu from the water!

During the tour, you can use SUP (stand-up paddleboards) and floats for free. Please let us know if you’re interested.

If you bring canned drinks, you can also bring alcoholic beverages. Enjoy your favorite drink on board while taking in the breathtaking view. We have a community cooler box on board that you can use for free.

Have fun playing in the waters of Hawaii!

Select your Kaneohe Sandbar Tour

Our Kaneʻohe Bay Sandbar Tours depart twice a day — every Monday to Saturday.

With a variety of boats to choose from, including private six-passenger vessels and 30-passenger catamarans, we have the perfect boat for your group and travel needs.

Complimentary transportation for direct booking customers. See pickup locations

Snorkeling Tour - Kaneohe Sandbar


Kaneohe Sandbar Snorkeling Tour

  • 15 minutes boat ride from the harbor to Kane'ohe Bay Sandbar
  • All-inclusive family-friendly package! We welcome BYOB!
  • Everyone's welcome on our sandbar adventures! Swimmers can explore vibrant reefs and sea turtles by snorkeling, while those prefer to stay on the sandbar with stand-up paddleboarding and comfy floatation devices.
Adult $159 *13 years old+
Child $149 *2-12 years old
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Private Cruises at Kaneohe Sandbar

Experience our exceptional service & create lasting memories on your private boat tour.

Private Cruises Kaneohe Sandbar


Speed Boat

Max 6 passengers
Private Pontoon Charter Kaneohe Sandbar


Pontoon Boat

Max 6 passengers
Oahu Private Catamaran Charter for family friend, company event


Catamaran Boat

Max 30 passengers

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