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A pioneer in the maritime industry since 1983, Captain Bruce's boat charters on O’ahu include a variety of customizable tours, and private cruises are aboard a fleet of luxury vessels ranging from comfortable speedboats for six to spacious catamarans and yachts for groups of 40.

Our luxury vessels feature contemporary decor, abundant space, and smooth sailing, perfect for comfortable Kaneʻohe Bay Sandbar Tours and excursions through Waikiki and the O’ahu coastline.

Sailing O’ahu's Waters Since 1983

From the transparent turquoise waters of Kaneʻohe Bay to the dolphin-friendly stretch of deep-sea beyond Ko'olina, our trusted fleet of O’ahu boat charters have been cruising the island's diverse shoreline for over three decades.

Established in 1983, Captain Bruce started out with just one boat, a beat-up old van, and an unforgettable dream: to help you discover O’ahu's hidden gems from a different perspective, the water.

Today, Captain Bruce's fleet comprises of luxury 47-foot yachts, cozy speedboats, and spacious catamarans, totaling ten meticulously maintained vessels that sail the waters, rich in marine life, surrounding O’ahu.

We offer group tours and private boat charters on O’ahu that take you to the Kaneʻohe Bay Sandbar, up the leeward coast, to experience Waikiki's unforgettable sunsets and weekly fireworks, as well as to the best-hidden snorkel spots around Ko Olina and Mamala Bay.

Captain Bruce Sailing O’ahu's Waters Since 1983

Captain Bruce Tours Offered

Our history as one of the island's first Kaneʻohe Bay Sandbar Tours means we know exactly what we're doing. Captain Bruce's experienced captains and crew members will show you exactly why Hawai’i's third-largest island has rightly earned its moniker, "The Gathering Place."

Captain Bruce's tours currently offered include:

  • Kaneʻohe Bay Sandbar catamaran tours
  • Private Kaneʻohe Bay Sandbar Tours via catamaran boat, speedboat or private yacht charter
  • Private yacht charters to Waikiki Bay and Ko Olina
  • Don't like what you see? Captain Bruce can fully customize your experience to suit you and your groups needs from the type of boat right down to the snacks and add-ons provided.

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Pinpoint Marketing LLC

Windward Sea Yacht Charters, Inc.

Since 1983

Mission Statement

We specialize in our business by offering only experiences of exceptional quality.

Our objective is to be recognized as the company that treats customers as someone very special.

Everything we do is to improve our customer's experience.

We believe in thinking differently from our competitors, and we challenge ourselves to change the status quo.