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Sailing O’ahu's Waters Since 1983

CAPTAIN BRUCE Four Decades Boating Oʻahu's Waters

A pioneer in the maritime industry since 1983, Captain Bruce's boat charters on O’ahu include a variety of customizable tours, and private cruises are aboard a fleet of luxury vessels ranging from comfortable speedboats for six to spacious catamarans for groups of 30.

Our luxury vessels feature contemporary decor, abundant space, and smooth sailing, perfect for comfortable Kaneʻohe Bay Sandbar Tours and excursions through Waikiki and the O’ahu coastline.

Captain Bruce Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Captain Blue has celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2023, since starting tours at Kaneohe Sandbar.

Our founder, Bruce Morita, former Hawaii yacht racing champion, brought his friends to the Kaneohe Sandbar during race practices which inspired him to start tours there. As the first tour company in Kaneohe Bay licensed by the State of Hawaii in 1983, we have guided more than 1 million visitors to the breathtaking sandbar. The beauty and splendor of the sandbar will never fade, and so we would like to continue to share its allure with more visitors through our tours for many more years.

We also offer private cruises with two luxurious yachts in Waikiki and Ko Olina featuring Hawaii’s natural wonders in those areas in addition to the tours at the sandbar. Private cruises are popular for those who want to spend private time with family and close friends.

It has been 40 years since starting tours at the sandbar despite changes over the years in the tourism environment, we have been able to continue Captain Bruce because of the support of our visitors who love our services and our dedicated staff.

We will continue to make every effort to provide our visitors with exceptional and gratifying tours and private cruises. We look forward to seeing you soon on our tours or private cruises.


Company Information

Pinpoint Marketing, LLC
Windward Sea Yacht Charters, Inc.
Since 1983

All operations permitted by State of Hawaii

We carry permits issued by State of Hawaii(Department of Land & Natural Resources Division of Boating & Ocean Recreation) to operate our businesses legally in Kaneohe, Waikiki and Ko Olina.

Mission Statement

We specialize in our business by offering only experiences of exceptional quality.

Our objective is to be recognized as the company that treats customers as someone very special.

Everything we do is to improve our customer's experience.

We believe in thinking differently from our competitors, and we challenge ourselves to change the status quo.


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