Fish that are encountered during Captain Bruce's snorkeling tour

Tips to enjoy snorkeling that even beginners can do!

Hello, this is the Captain Bruce PR team!

“I want to see the beautiful ocean!” and “I want to go snorkeling and see the sea turtles and fish!” are a couple of the reasons for coming to Hawaii.

Even for those lacking confidence in their swimming ability, snorkeling can be enjoyed by anyone from children to seniors once you get the hang of it. However, there are many people who aren’t used to swimming in the ocean so they’re nervous about snorkeling.

Fish that are encountered during Captain Bruce's snorkeling tour
Fish that are encountered during Captain Bruce’s snorkeling tour

How to choose a snorkeling tour company

If you google “Honolulu snorkeling tour” then you’ll see lots of tour companies, but it’s difficult to tell which snorkeling spots and tour companies are good.

Snorkeling beginners should check things such as whether staff provides support during the tour, if there is an explanation of how to swim while snorkeling, and that ideal location for snorkeling is in a place with calm waters.

Many tour companies require you to wear a life jacket for safety while snorkeling, but if you are not used to swimming in the ocean, you may suddenly end up in a place where you cannot stand which might be scary and unsettling.

Captain Bruce’s snorkeling tour features

Our snorkeling tours are held in the heavenly waters of Kāneʻohe Sandbar, surrounded by a barrier reef that keeps waves calm all year round.

Also, for those who aren’t confident at swimming, we start by practicing snorkeling in shallow areas and then guide them into deeper areas as they grow more confident.

For beginners or people who still aren’t confident swimmers, our staff will watch over and offer advice so everyone can snorkel with peace of mind.

Snorkeling practice
Snorkeling practice

3 suggestions to enjoy snorkeling


Captain Yuka shares 3 points to enjoy snorkeling!

Suggestion 1: How to choose a snorkel mask

Choose a snorkel mask with material and size that fit your face! If it doesn’t fit properly, then water will leak in and you won’t be able to snorkel comfortably.

The masks that we provide on tours come in three different sizes and ones that are made of silicone and soft, and have a wide field of vision. In addition to different sizes, some prescription masks are also available, so if you request one when making a reservation we can provide it to you. People who wear contact lenses can use normal snorkel masks.

Staff checking if the snorkel mask is fitting the face properly
Staff checking if the mask is fitting the face properly

Also, don’t forget to prevent the mask from fogging up ahead of time!

If your lenses fog up during the tour, it will be difficult to see the fish and sea turtles, so don’t forget to prepare in advance to enjoy snorkeling!

There are various ways to prevent the mask from fogging up such as lightly expose the inside to flame or polishing it with toothpaste, but our company does it by spraying diluted baby soap on the inside so it won’t fog up after even 30 minutes of snorkeling.

Suggestion 2: Stay close to tour staff or lifeguards when snorkeling!

When coming to Hawaii for the first time and swimming in the ocean, even after hearing the instructions, you might end up swimming in an unfamiliar area. Swimming near staff or within sight of a lifeguard can alleviate these kinds of concerns.

Also, if on a tour, staying close to staff has a lot of advantages; such as they can take your pictures, teach you the names of the fish around you, and show you where the sea turtles are!

On our tours, the captain and crew are watching over while you are snorkeling
On our tours, the captain and crew are watching over

Suggestion 3: Take pictures by setting your smartphone to video mode

So, you’ll want to take pictures and videos while snorkeling. We recommend using a GoPro or underwater camera, but if using a smartphone we suggest using video mode as explained below. Even if you put your smartphone in a waterproof case, there are times when you won’t be able to operate it as you wanted while snorkeling underwater. To prevent such a problem, set the smartphone to record in video while snorkeling, and then afterward use screenshots from the video to create photos.

Whether joining a snorkeling tour or snorkeling on your own in the ocean, if you remember these three suggestions, you’ll be able to enjoy snorkeling safely and comfortably!

Please enjoy snorkeling in the beautiful ocean of Hawaii!

Enjoy snorkeling on Oahu